ATVM and Smart Card Ticket Booking

ATVM stands for Automatic Ticket Vending Machine installed by Indian Railways, our South Central Railway has installed such type of ATVMs almost all MMTS stations. This is one of the step forward by Indian Government towards digitization. To increase the digital transactions and transparency ATVMs also one of the step. The smart way to purchase train tickets. These days SCR has placed the employees at ATVM to serve the commuters without using smart card also means you have to pay the amount directly.

AVTM at hitec and home screen showing the features

Benefits of having Smart card:

  1. No need to stand on long queue lines to buy the tickets
  2. No cash transactions everything is digital transaction.
  3. No need to any identity required to buy smart card.
  4. Using this smart cards you can buy MMTS tickets or unreserved tickets and even platform tickets also.
  5. Be a smart traveler using Smart Card.
  6. Initial amount have to be paid 70/- Rupees in which 50/- Rupees towards security deposit and 20/- Rupees ticket value
  7. You can top up the smart card in 20, 50, and in multiples of 50/- subject to maximum of 9975/- Rupees.
  8. And buying tickets using Smart Card is 24×7 round the clock service.
  9. A bonus offer if we pay 100/- you will get 105/- ticket value.
  10. Some more features like we can recharge our smart card from this ATVM.
  11. We can renew season ticket also.
  12. We can take any unreserved tickets from this ATVM.
  13. Once travelers booked the paper ticket on UTS mobile app they can take the printed ticket at ATVM.
  14. We have the option like using map, fast booking and all other stations.